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Pete and Conte Candoli

This was the last recorded album by Pete and Conte Candoli with Rob Pronk and the 51 piece METROPOLE ORCHESTRA. It was done in Amsterdam, Holland, and has three additonal tunes (9 through 11) that were chosen by Pete. For those that bought the first album, please note the change. This is a revised edition.

1. Boy Meets Horn (Pete)
2. Limehouse Blues (Pete)
3. Sometimes I'm Happy (Pete)
4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    (Pete and Conte)
5. Doodlin (Pete and Conte)
6. Secret Love (Conte)
7. Don't Blame Me (Conte)
8. I Should Care (Conte)
9. Nature Boy  (Pete)
10. My Old Flame (Conte)
11. Fascinating Rhythm (Pete and Conte)


Jazz series 1981 Courtesy of Arcadia DVD


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