This website is to honor the talent and uniqueness of Pete and Conte Candoli. Hopefully it will bring pleasure to those people that know "The Brothers," individually and collectively. Please enjoy the photos and music we have provided for you to hear. The guestbook is for you to express your thoughts.

The original site was started by Marcia Candoli, Conte's daughter.. Marcia had wanted to surprise her father, thus she started a web site. After Conte passed away in 2001, she asked me to take over and redesign it. I have done so, and created a new home to keep up the memories of the Candoli Brothers. They were the closest of Brothers, having never had a disagreement. Sadly, Conte's daughter Marcia passed away in early 2006.

We miss Conte and his great talent. There is not a day that goes by that Pete does not speak of his brother. It is a tremendous loss for him. Words cannot express it. The Candoli Brothers were close emotionally, spiritually, and musically. They respected and loved one another. This site is put up in honor of Pete and Conte Candoli.

Please check updated photos.

Sheryl Deauville


Pete Candoli

Conte Candoli

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